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Agnyaathavaasi Telugu full movie Story: A billionaire Govinda Bhargav (Boman Irani) and his son are murdered with the aim of a hostile takeover of their company. But what his enemies do not know is that he has an heir that no one knows of.

REVIEW: Abhishekta Bhargav (Pawan Kalyan) is the ‘prince in exile’ brought up without the greed of a materialistic life. The first son of Govinda Bhargav/Vinda (Boman Irani) and the apple of his stepmother Indrani’s (Kushboo) eye, he is forced to come out of hiding when his father and younger brother are murdered in cold blood. He must now not just find his father and brother’s killer, but must also prove himself the heir to the fortune, if only just to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

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‘Agnyaathavaasi’ features a stellar cast in the form of Aadhi Pinisetty as Seetharam, Tanikella Bharani as Abhi’s uncle, Vennela Kishore as Balasubramanyam, Murli Sharma as Sharma and Rao Ramesh as Varma. The film also features the powerhouse Kushboo as Indrani, Vinda’s second wife and Abhi’s mother for all means and purposes. But this is Pawan Kalyan’s show through and through, with the ‘Powerstar’ filling up almost every single frame of the film.

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Pawan Kalyan’s character shows promise in a story that could be deemed contrived. While the ‘Largo Winch’ inspiration is evident, Trivikram tries to make the story his own, not to mention, tries to turn it into a masala potboiler. With a story featuring a secret heir trying to prove his legitimacy, one would expect the film to be tightly narrated and be fast-paced. However, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is anything but that.

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The character of Abhi is introduced as a killing machine, an unapologetic vigilante who has no qualms about killing, as long as it’s only done for the greater good. He is the hero of this tale, and hero he must be. His arch nemesis Seetharam (Aadhi) is also a killing machine, the yang to Abhi’s yin. He has no qualms about killing too, as long as it serves his interests. However, despite Aadhi doing a good job, the character never gets a chance to flesh out.

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The same holds true for almost all the characters in the film. Except for Abhi and Indrani, none of them are allowed to flesh out, especially not Sukumari (Keerthy Suresh) and Suryakantham (Anu Emmanuel), Abhi’s pawns in the film. The story has no time for any of the characters to be honest, but for some reason, many of them are introduced to no end, be it Koteswara Rao (Raghu Babu) or ACP (Sampath Raj).

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Even the character development of the late Vinda is done through a hurried, but an effective flashback. The stellar cast does an amazing job at their roles for the screen-time they’re offered. The story has no time for songs either, but the beautiful numbers have still been woven into the story, albeit with stitches showing through.

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Despite all the pomp and show, irrespective of its flaws, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ could have still been an amazing ride had it either been taken seriously or been made with the same old Trivikram-Pawan Kalyan touch.

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However, the film lacks soul, and it’s only the title card that makes one believe that this one’s been directed and penned by Trivikram. Pawan Kalyan aces through his role as usual, even if his body language and expressions ooze disinterest.

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However, all is not lost, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ still has the ‘Powerstar’ as the lead, so the ride is not all unenjoyable. Just don’t expect the film to be filled with the usual PSPK-Trivikram style punch dialogues though, you will be left disappointed! The film has a few humorous scenes and a fight scene right before the interval stands out. But watch this one just for the story and you won’t be disappointed!

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Agnyaathavaasi Telugu full MOVIE

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Agnyaathavaasi Telugu full MOVIE IN HD

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Agnyaathavaasi Telugu full MOVIE SONGS DOWNLOAD

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